Profile of Ian Kwan

Weclome to the website of a man who likes to dabble.
Project to project, Ian enjoys the process of planning and subsequently, bringing his ideas to life.

While priorities may have changed as Ian grows older, but act of creating never ceases to bring him joy.

Jewellery Designing

For a little over a decade now, Ian has been designing fine jewellery professionally.

At work, he hand renders his designs with watercolour and ink.

Relevant skills in Ian's repertoire include Matrix CAD program, Silversmithing and Stonesetting.

You can find more of his work on Instagram @IanKHF.


Not wanting to waste a good opportunity, Ian picked up engraving during the early days of lockdown back in 2020.

He spent several weeks, slowly gathering all the necessary components online and built his own home-made pneumatic-assist machine from this YouTube video. It was a wonderful learning experience!

Learning the online video tutorials, Ian started engraving. The process has a therapeutic effect on Ian and he wishes to do more of it in the future, when time permits.


Another new skill Ian picked up in 2020 is coding. Started off with the wonderful CS50 program, Ian moved on to paid online courses. Currently, he understands basic website making (HTML, CSS & Javascript) and also basic Python.

Following his online mentor's suggestion on the best way to learn coding is by solving a real world problem, Ian created a website ( to guide the first-time, clueless diamond buyers with diamond buying tips and online tools (designed and coded by Ian).

To Ian, it is refreshing to create something that has a function which may potentially assist someone else; it is vastly different from making jewellery.